History of the Giant Sequoia

History of the Giant Sequoia

Where did the Sequoia Trees come from?
They are located at the Sierra Nevada mountain. They grow there naturally without anyone actually needing to plant them. It is highly favourable for them to be 5,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level. It is not easy to climb that mountain though as a lot of trekking will need to happen before reaching the top. You must be in proper trekking attire to be able to scale the top of the mountain. It gets a little dangerous when you are at the top.

Who discovered the sequoias?
Steven Edlincher is the German scientist who made the discovery way back in 1847. The giant sequoia has a long history and the tree made such a ton of fond memories over the years. It was such a magnificent discovery that a lot of people are still praising Steven for all his efforts. In fact, a lot of the tree’s facts would not be where it is today if it were not for him.

How many giant sequoias are left?
There are 75 groves scattered all over the Sierra area. Nobody knows how long these trees can live through. However, the oldest one lived more than 3,000 years old. Even humans can’t live that long but these trees can surpass several lifetimes. It is important to preserve this tree species. It is doubtful there will be another tree that will be discovered that is similar to it. Those who were tasked to instruct tourists with the right manners should always do their job in the right manner. Yes, there should be penalties for people who are not mild-mannered when walking around the giant tree.

Why are sequoias so big?
This tree grows pretty quickly and lives a long time. Thus, you can’t blame tourists for visiting Sierra Nevada mountain just to take a selfie with the tree on the background. It would definitely make for a nice photo to be around a tree like that. One thing to remember would be to never walk around the soil of the tree. The tree needs a lot of water to survive so that is going to take a toll on their lifespan. It would be important to maintain a safe distance away from the giant Sequoia so that you will do your part in conserving the creations of Mother Nature.

How fast does a giant sequoia grow?
It is one of the fastest-growing trees around. On its third year, it can grow as much as four feet. If you have yet to see the giant Sequoia then you are missing half of your life. This tree is so huge that it can make quite a big impression on children. Those who are seeing it for the first time will have quite a reaction. In addition, it is probably a tree that most people have only see in movies. When you get close to it, you are going to feel like it is a dream come true.